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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Kyle Harmon

Kyle Harmon

Born: July 6, 1991 Pensacola, FL
Residence: Miami, FL
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Student
Height: 5'9"
Parents: Horatio Caine and Julia Eberly

Kyle Harmon is a fictional character in the television series CSI: Miami. He is portrayed by Evan Ellingson and has appeared in seven episodes. His first appearance is in the season six premiere, "Dangerous Son." He is the son of the show's protagonist, Lt. Horatio Caine.


Kyle Harmon was born on July 6th, 1991 to a woman whose was then known as Julia Eberly. His mother left him to live with his grandmother, but promised to someday return. For unknown reasons, Harmon was placed in the foster system. He bounced around to several foster homes until he was arrested for stealing a boat on Biscayne Bay, which was an alcohol-related offense. He served six months in juvenile detention. It is unclear where he lived after he was released, although it is implied he may have lived on his own. His parole officer, Andrew Bennet, set him up with a job at Miste Cafe where he met future enemy Rick Bates.

CSI: Miami Appearances

"Dangerous Son" Andrew Bennet, Harmon's parole officer, is murdered. Harmon was Bennet's most recent parole violation, having broken the terms of his agreement by drinking. He is questioned by Eric Delko who is not impressed by the teen's attitude. He catches the eye of Lt. Horatio Caine, who questions him about his past. He later kidnaps and abandons Kathleen Newberry, and rips off his ankle monitor in the process. Caine then compares the blood on the ankle monitor to his own, and discovers that Harmon is his biological son. Although it is discovered that Harmon was blackmailed into the kidnapping, Kyle still runs from the coast guard. He eventually gives in when they stop following him.

"Inside Out" Kyle Harmon pleads not guilty to the charge of kidnapping and is sent to jail. However, the bus bringing him to jail crashes, and he runs for it, trying to escape the other criminals on the bus. He turns himself into Lt. Caine, whom he does not know is his father. Caine takes him to get a haircut, and then takes him to jail. Harmon is kidnapped by Joe LeBrock, and left to die in a pipe. Lt. Caine discovers his location and rescues him, in the process telling him that he [Caine], is his father. Lt. Caine then orders inmate Oscar Monahan to protect Kyle from inside the jail.

"Chain Reaction" Harmon finds himself once again a suspect in a murder, this time that of Oscar Monahan. The police discover the cellphone that detonated the bomb that killed Monahan under his jail bunk. Harmon tells Horatio Caine that he didn't know about the cellphone. However, after Caine examines the phone he realizes that Harmon lied. After being questioned again by his father, Harmon admits that Joe LeBrock gave him the cellphone, and that he has been trying to find his mother with it. He still denies detonating the bomb. The actual bomber is discovered, but won't testify for fear of what will happen to him in jail. Kyle is charged with murder, but after Caine threatens LeBrock, LeBrock refuses to identify Kyle in court. Harmon is released back to prison.

"Raising Caine" Kyle Harmon goes to trial for the kidnapping of Kathleen Newberry. Harmon's mother, Julia Winston (formerly Eberly), is the suspect in a murder investigation. She meets back up with Kyle, who is happy to see her. The key witness in Harmon's trial disappears, which Lt. Caine believes was orchestrated by Julia. The court is given no choice but to drop all charges against Harmon. However, Julia and Horatio filed separate custody suits for Kyle, and Kyle is forced to choose one. He chooses to go with his mother, but promises to keep in touch with his father.

"Ambush" Kyle Harmon's appearance in "Ambush" is limited to only one scene where he angrily tells his father to stop harassing his mother.

"All In" Harmon's only appearance in "All In" is standing behind his mother while she and Lt. Caine talk. However, it is learned that Julia and Kyle are now living with a dangerous criminal named Ron Saris.

"Going Ballistic" In the season six finale, "Going Ballistic," Lt. Caine meets Julia and Kyle at Kyle's school. He tells Julia that Saris is going to kill them both, and that he won't let that happen. Lt. Caine makes plans to meet Julia and Kyle at the airstrip at five o'clock. When Kyle appears, Horatio tells him that he needs him and his mother to leave the country for a while. When Kyle asks his father how long he must leave for Caine replies "for as long as it takes. You need to trust me." Kyle is upset and says "that's what they all say, and then they're just gone." Julia is seen leaving the apartment at four o'clock, an hour before she and Kyle were to meet Horatio. She tells Kyle not to leave or answer the phone. The last shot of Kyle in season six is of him loading a gun and hiding it in a bag. This seems to set him up as a suspect in his own father's shooting, as Horatio is shown being shot at the airstrip while seemingly waiting for Julia and Kyle to arrive.

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