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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nicole Wallace

Occupation: Librarian
First Appearance CI: "Anti-Thesis"
Played by: Olivia d'Abo

"Beauty, brains, and a complete psycho. My dream girl." - Mike Logan

Nicole Wallace was a recurring character on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Her actions would often be investigated by Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames. Though accused of murdering several individuals, she was only arrested once, and found not guilty at the resulting trial.
She was known to have participated in the murders of eight tourists in Thailand, for which she was imprisoned for ten years.

She first became known to Goren and Eames while using the alias Elizabeth Hitchens, which was later found out to be a stolen identity from someone she had murdered in Australia, her native country. Using this alias, she was employed as a visiting professor at Hudson University. While there, she became romantically involved with Professor Christine Fellowes, who was in line to become the head of the American Studies department. Wallace murdered the Dean who was making the decision on that position so Fellowes would get it. (CI: Anti-Thesis)

Wallace was briefly married to Gavin Haynes. He married her despite being warned about her nature by Detective Goren, and even used his money to finance her successful defense to a murder charge.

The marriage ended after Wallace admitted that she was unable to bear children, and "didn't see the point" of seeing a Doctor about it. Upon learning that Haynes had revealed this information to Goren and Eames, she attempted to murder him by trapping him in an elevator and stealing his Asthma inhaler, so he would have an attack and suffocate. This attempt was averted by Goren. (CI: Great Barrier)

Wallace was also briefly engaged to Dr. Evan Chapel. A marriage did not take place, however, due to his arrest for murdering his brother and attempting to murder his daughter Gwen. (CI: Grow)


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