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Friday, September 12, 2008

Julia Winston

Julia Winston
City: Miami
Status: Alive
Job: Real Estate
Position: Property Developer
Seasons: 6-
Portrayed by: Elizabeth Berkley
First appearance: Raising Caine

Julia Winston (nee Julia Eberly) (Elizabeth Berkley, seasons 6-) Horatio's ex-girlfriend and Kyle's mother who reappears during the murder investigation of her current husband. With Clavo Cruz dead, Julia serves as the show's antagonist, but it was also shown she is being forced into some evil actions by a psychotic ex-lover. Ron Saris marries Julia in "Going Ballistic." She is one of the prime suspects in the shooting of Horatio and has proven to be a conflicted and mysterious woman.
Julia Eberly Winston is played by Elizabeth Berkley
First appearing in season 6 episode Raising Caine; Julia Winston is the newly widowed mother of Kyle Harmon and former girlfriend of Horatio Caine. Julia is reunited with Horatio as he investigates the murder of Bill Winston, billionaire and possible victim of con artist/realtor Julia. Julia is also reunited with her juvi son Kyle and pledges "to never leave him again" which worries Horatio as custody is given to Julia after Kyle's release from detention.
Julia Winston (Character) from "CSI: Miami" (2002)
Julia Winston, portrayed by Elizabeth Berkley, first appeared in the sixth season of CSI: Miami and has quickly become a major recurring character. She was initially introduced as a suspect in the murder of her rich husband but was soon known for other reasons when Horatio Caine encountered her again.The pair had been in a relationship several years before when he was on an undercover mission after which Julia became pregnant. However, unable to cope as a single Mother at such a young age, she gave her child up. Years later, he tracked down his Father, Horatio before becoming involved in legal problems and charged with kidnapping.The re-appearance of Julia only complicated Horatio's relationship with his son even further as she filed for full custody of the boy. She stood by his side while he was cleared of kidnapping and eventually won full custody of him as well. Horatio is very suspicious of her as she was allegedly connected to her husband's death as well as the death of the woman accusing their son of kidnapping.In the final episode of season six, Horatio began to fear for Julia and his son's safety and asked her to meet him at the airport so that he could send them away safely and out of harm's way. However, Horatio was shot after waiting for them to arrive and it is unknown whether Julia was responsible or not. It has been suggested that the two still have feelings for each other, however this has not been confirmed.


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