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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Chloe Mitchell

Chloe Mitchell (born Katherine Tina Valentine and sometimes referred to by her married name, Chloe Mitchell Ashby) is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera, The Young and the Restless, she is portrayed by American actress Elizabeth Hendrickson since February 6, 2008. A recurring character upon her return in 2008, the character was upgraded and thrust into a frontburner storyline with Lily Winters and Cane Ashby.

Character's background

Kate is the the only daughter of Esther Valentine and Tiny, a plumber. She is named for her godmother and Esther's employer Katherine Chancellor. As a child she is rarely seen on screen and attends boarding school courtesy of her godmother. At some point during her absence she officially changed her name to Chloe Mitchell without telling her mother.

Chloe is hired by Jabot Cosmetics in 2008 to help coach the winning model of the Fresh Face of Jabot contest. After Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) wins the competition, Chloe begins working with her, attending photo shoots and interviews with her. From day one she is constantly on Lily to look her best and watch her figure. Chloe ignores Lily's boyfriend (and Chloe's boss) Cane Ashby's (Daniel Goddard) request not to put too much pressure on Lily, resulting in Lily becoming exhausted and failing with her schoolwork.

When Chloe's apartment is flooded, Lily helps out Chloe by letting her stay at her and Devon's (Bryton) place, even though they are both frustrated by Chloe's eccentric behavior. Chloe gets drunk after moving in and kisses Cane when they are alone, but they both agree to keep the kiss a secret. Cane eventually tells Lily about the unwanted kiss. To hide her affection for Cane, Chloe kisses Devon, pretending to be interested in him, but her actions are soon revealed to Lily, who then asks Chloe to move out of the apartment.

Upon learning that she is pregnant, Chloe decides to trick Cane into thinking that he is the father, ultimately damaging Cane and Lily's plans to wed. Cane is out with a friend one night extremely drunk, and Chloe is sober, feigning intoxication (she had arranged to have non-alcoholic drinks). She strips Cane and climbed on top of him to make him believe they had sex. Due to her work experience, she is offered the job of Fashion Editor for Restless Style, the magazine run by Jack (Peter Bergman) and Sharon Abbott (Sharon Case) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Phyllis Newman (Michelle Stafford). She accepts the job as a ploy to stay in Genoa City around Cane and Lily. At one point, she even goes to Lily's house and shows her a sonogram of the baby with the date altered; however Lily believes that Chloe is completely insane and that the baby could not be Cane's. In order to get Chloe to finally leave Lily and Cane alone, Lily asks her to take a DNA test to prove that the baby is Cane's. In the event, Cane finds out that he is included in the match group as the baby's possible father when the DNA results are revealed.
Lily selflessly tells Cane to marry Chloe for the baby's sake, and he eventually does, seeking a stable home for the child be believes to be his. In late August 2008 it is revealed that Chloe is actually the long-absent daughter of Esther Valentine (Kate Linder). In September, it is revealed that Chloe's date of conception was around June 28, 2008, before the faked romp with Cane. She enlists the lab technician to help keep this date hidden from Cane. Several weeks later, it is revealed that Chloe recently had an off-screen affair with Cane's half-brother Billy Abbott (Billy Miller), who also happens to be the uncle of Chloe's other nemesis (and Lily's best friend) Colleen Carlton (Tammin Sursok). Chloe is startled to learn that Billy is in town, and that he is coming to their house. She tries to pretend that she is too tired to stay up and wait for Billy to arrive. While Cane is getting dressed, Billy knocks on the door. Chloe answers the door to find Billy on the other side. Billy is shocked when he learns who Cane is married to. Chloe tells Billy to pretend they have never met one another and do not know each other. Billy goes along with the plan, but soon begins to question whether there is a chance he could be the father of Chloe's baby.

Chloe has an argument with Lily and falls from a ladder. She is rushed to the hospital where she is assured the baby is unharmed. Chloe privately reveals that she wishes she loved Cane as much as she loves her baby's father. Billy comes to the hospital after Lily calls him to tell him what happened. He finds out from a nurse that Chloe's due date is much earlier than she said. From that information he realizes he is the father. After a talk with Jack, Billy decides to let Cane raise his and Chloe's baby. Chloe's accident convinces Cane and Lily to end their friendship for good.

Chloe Mitchell

The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by: Elizabeth Hendrickson
First appearance: October 18, 1990
Created by:William J. Bell Josh Griffith Maria Arena Bell


Nickname(s): Kate
Aliases: Katherine Tina Valentine (birth name), Chloe Mitchell
Gender: Female
Occupation: Restless Style Fashion Editor, Former Fashion coordinator for Jabot Cosmetics's Fresh Faces Campaign
Residence: Genoa City, Wisconsin


Parents: Tiny (surname unknown)(father); Esther Valentine(mother)
Spouse(s): Cane Ashby(married) [08/2008 - ]
Romances: Billy Abbott(dated), Devon Hamilton(kissed)
Children: Unnamed Child (daughter, with Billy; currently expecting)
Other relatives: Katherine Chancellor(godmother), Phillip Chancellor II(father-in-law; deceased)Jill Foster Abbott(mother-in-law)Billy Abbott(brother-in-law)


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