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Friday, May 23, 2008

Ruby (Supernatual Wiki)

Name: Ruby
Actor: Katie Cassidy
Dates: died around the 1350s (Subsequently went to hell, and over time became a demon.3.09)
Location: no fixed address
Occupation: Demon
Episodes 3.01 The Magnificent Seven 3.02 The Kids Are Alright 3.04 Sin City 3.09 Malleus Maleficarum 3.12 Jus in Bello 3.16 No Rest For The Wicked
  • Ruby is a black-eyed demon, which is the same type that possessed both Meg and Sam
  • She possesses a knife which can kill demons, something even Bobby hadn't heard of.
  • In 3.09 Malleus Maleficarum, we find out that when Ruby was human, she was a witch who sold her soul to Tammi, and that this was during the time of 'the plague' (around 1350).
  • Casting Side for Ruby from June, 2007. This is an early draft of the final scene from 3.04 Sin City between Ruby and Sam which was used to cast the role of Ruby.
  • See Also Demonology.
Ruby first appears to watch the Sam as Bobby and the Winchesters track the Seven Deadly Sins demons. She joins in the fight as Sam is attacked, and uses a knife that appears to be able to kill demons, and then disappears mysteriously.
Ruby meets with Sam unexpectedly as he researches ways to save Dean's soul. She claims she is a hunter, and insinuates things about Sam's past and his destiny, setting him on a path to research more about Mary Winchester. Disturbed to find all of his mother's friends are dead, Sam demands to know exactly who she is. Ruby reveals she is a demon, and claims that Sam fascinates her and, in the pursuit of knowledge for her own ends, is "on his side". The episode ends with her offering Sam a deal - he works with her to find out more about his destiny, she helps him save Dean's soul from the Crossroads Demon.
Sam tells Dean about his encounter with Ruby, although not about the information she gave him about the deaths of Mary's friends. Dean is angry that Sam didn't kill the demon, while Sam insists that they can use her to get information about the demons they are battling, as well Dean's deal with the Crossroads Demon.
Ruby comes to Bobby while he is working on The Colt. Bobby shoots her with it, but with no effect. Ruby offers to help Bobby make it work, and they succeed - Bobby brings the Colt to a hunt Dean and Sam are on and Sam kills two demons with it. Later, Ruby and Sam argue - Ruby threatens to take the Colt from Sam and give it to someone else who'll use it; Sam threatens Ruby with the Colt. They come to a truce again when Ruby reminds Sam that if he kills her, she can't help him save Dean's soul. She refers to herself as "the little fallen angel' on Sam's shoulder.
Ruby appears to warn Sam and Dean away from the town where they are investigating a coven of witches. She tells them a demon is present that will come after Sam. Dean tries to shoot her with The Colt, but Sam intervenes. When Dean is attacked by a force that causes him to bled internally, Ruby saves him with a witch's potion. When Tammi is about to kill Sam and Dean, Ruby appears and at first acts as if she is on Tammi's side, but then tries to kill Tammi with her knife. Tammi reveals Ruby was once a witch who sold her soul to her. After Dean manges to kill Tammi with Ruby's knife, she tells him all demons were originally human, but during their time in hell they lose all trace of their humanity, but she has retained some of hers and wants to help humans. Ruby reveals to Dean that she can't save him from hell, but that she needs his help to prepare Sam to fight the demons after he is gone.
While the boys are under seige from demons while in a police station, Ruby shows up, able to get in through a salt line damaged unwittingly by the deputy. She tells them that demons are from Lilith, Sam's demonic rival from "the west", and tries to convince Sam that the solution is a spell she knows that will "vaporise" all demons within radius - including herself. However the spell requires the sacrifice of a virgin. Nancy volunteers but Dean is vehemently against the plan, convinced Sam instead that they need to just open the doors and fight off the hoard themselves. Exasperated, Ruby leaves.

After the boys have escaped, seemingly victorious over the demons, Ruby turns up at their motel room & tells them to turn on the television, where they find out that everyone left in th epolice station was killed by Lilith.
In an last attempt to save Dean from his deal, Sam summons Ruby. She tells him that he contains the power necessary to defeat Lilith, but Dean intervenes and in the ensuing struggle traps her beneath a devil's trap and steals Ruby's Knife.

Ruby escapes and tracks the boys to the house where Lilith is tormenting a family. On entering the house they find the little girl Lilith was possessing is human again. Sam turns to Ruby for help again, but she says it is too late to save Dean. As the hellhounds come for Dean, the boys barricade themselves in a room. Dean, who is able to see the true face of demons, realises that the body possessed by Ruby now contains Lilith. Lilith says she has sent Ruby "far, far away".


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