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Friday, May 16, 2008

Ruby (Supernatual)

Supernatural character

First appearance: The Magnificent Seven
Created by: Eric Kripke
Portrayed by: Katie Cassidy
Episode count: 6

Species: Demon/Human
Gender: Female
Age: Host appears to be in her early 20's; Ruby herself was alive during the Plague and is thus considerably older
Occupation: Demon,Witch (formerly)
IMDb profile
In the beginning, not much is really known about Ruby, a feisty blonde who was introduced in "The Magnificent Seven". We are introduced to Ruby as a blonde girl who follows/watches Sam Winchester. She seemingly focuses on Sam throughout the episode, coming close to approaching him once, but when he turns around, she disappears. Sam is left in complete shock wondering about Ruby.

Ruby then appears in the next episode, "The Kids Are Alright", with a seemingly less than significant role. Ruby still remains cryptic with her motives and does not reveal too much, except that she wants to help Sam. She informs Sam that there is work to be done, referring to the changelings present in the episode. She does not return until the end of the episode to her. He threatens to shoot her, but then lowers the gun allowing Ruby to live and continue to "help him". Her true motives or plans for the Winchesters are currently unknown, but time will ultimately tell all. Also in the last moments of an episode, Ruby claims to be the "Little Fallen Angel" on Sam's shoulder, this may hint something about who or what she is.

Finally, in "Malleus Maleficarum", we discover that Ruby used to be a witch who sold her soul to an unknown demon before her death during the Plague. Obviously sensing her fury, Sam and Dean go back to their motel for the night. However, when they get to the motel, Dean steps outside and notices a crackling of electricity all around the motel and the surrounding area. He then turns around and faces a much more pacified Ruby, who tells him that she can't save his soul and that she still remember what it's like to be human and says that she isn't the same as the other demons, though she wishes she were. Before Dean can actually respond to Ruby, he becomes distracted and when he turns to talk to her, she has mysteriously vanished once again.

The next time Ruby makes an appearance is in "Jus in Bello". She appears halfway through the episode, breaking through a window which had a broken salt barrier. She then attracts the in the station only way and goes on to say that a human heart from someone with pure virtue, is needed. Dean steps up to the plate claiming himself a man of virtue- Ruby rolls her eyes and clarifies; they need a virgin.

In the Season Finale, Ruby shows up at Bobby's house when summoned by Sam. Ruby is then asked to give the brothers her dagger so that they may hunt down Lilith. This plan, however, turns into more of a trap as the brothers capture Ruby, steal the dagger, and run to face Lilith in New Harmony, Indiana. During the brothers' campaign, Ruby escapes and tracks them down, helping them find Lilith. The demon, however, escapes, and the trio run away from the Hell Hounds tracking Dean down. Lilith, however, isn't far; she had merely found a new host in the form of Ruby.

When questioned about where Ruby is, Lilith responds, "She's been a bad girl, so I sent her very, very far away."The almighty demon lets in the Hell Hounds, which attack Dean. Lilith then proceeds to kill Sam, yet her powers stop working. Just before Sam can strike her with Ruby's dagger, the demon screeches and escapes through the vent in the black smog, leaving Ruby's host body limp. The fates of both Ruby and her host are currently unknown, though it is likely that the host is dead as she was shot by Bobby with the Colt in an earlier episode.
Powers and Abilities
As a demon she can possess human hosts, granting the body of the host demonic abilities, which can only be seen in a possessed person. Similar to other demons, she exhibits enhanced strength and inhuman durability. She can also exhibit the psychic powers of most demons, although these psychic powers are yet to be seen. During her time as a witch she has gained extraordinary knowledge of certain spells that can vanquish demons, as well as methods of protecting against demons and undoing harmful magic. Ruby is also a skilled fighter; however, being demonic, she is vulnerable to most weaknesses of demons. It is interesting to note that Ruby does not fight like other demons. Instead, she tends to rely on conventional martial arts (punches, kicks, and using her dagger), as opposed to using "demonic" abilities such as telekinesis.
Ruby is often shown to possess a mysterious and somewhat magical "demon-killing" dagger. It has been seen and utilized many times throughout the season, mainly as an instrument to kill demons. Upon being stabbed by the dagger, both the demon and human host suffer immediate death. The demon possessing the human is shown to convulse violently, as if shot with the Colt. It then flickers with light before expelling a small cloud of smoke from the human body, leaving whoever it was possessing dead. The demon possessing the body then also disperses, as the dagger's effects mirror that of the Colt. However, both its creation and how exactly it can kill demons has not yet been revealed.

Ruby's dagger was featured prominently in the season three finale, "No Rest For The Wicked," and is currently in Sam's possession.

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  • Ruby 2007 - 2008
  • Succeeded by Dean and Sam Winchester(Robbery)


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