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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Allison Cameron and Gregory House Screencaps

Old and New Laurie Strode

This is the photo of the old Laurie Strode from Halloween (1978) played by Jamie Lee Curtis and the new Laurie Strode from Halloween (2007) remake played by Scout Taylor Compton.

Scout Taylor-Compton pics

Halloween Pics

Friday, December 28, 2007

Jennifer Morrison Pics

Here are some photos of Jennifer Morrison:

House and Cameron "you kissed back"

Why do you think Cameron is in love with House?
Talent can be very captivating. Working with someone who is a genius in his job,makes you admire him in a special way, in a way it makes you see him sexy. People tend to get close to other persons who have had the same experiences in life. And even if House is colder than Cameron, they both went through hurtful traumas in their lives that makes them bond together. Maybe their story will never even begin but they will be tied to each other for life.
~Jennifer Morrison~

"I don't know if they're gonna end up together, but I love their bickering. That's the kind that usually precedes an emotional involvement" ~ Hugh Laurie

"It's complicated. She's got a thing for him and I think he's got a thing for her too" ~ David Shore

Ausiello: "If you give me a piece of scoop...something that no one else knows, preferably something to do with Cameron and House making out"

Jennifer: "Oh....in my dreams!" (Both laugh)

Ausiello: "You've been pulling for that for a while and so are the fans"

Jennifer: "I know"

Ausiello: "When's it going to happen?"

Jennifer: "I don't know, I...we did have that one kiss last year,I don't know if you've seen..."

Ausiello: "It was hot"

Jennifer: "Was that a hot kiss or what, right?"

Ausiello: "Oh yeah"

Jennifer: "Yeah, I'm still thinking about that, that was kinda nice"

David Shore: "As for Dr. Cameron, it would be disingenuous to ignore that attraction. She has feelings for him, she can't just turn that off. And he has feelings for her too, in a much more subtle way. It'll probably always be there."

Anna Paquin

Jennifer Morrison related

Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie Strode