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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher is the daughter of Sam Fisher and Regan Burns. Sarah was born on an American Air Force Base in Germany on May 31, 1985. Regan divorced Sam several years later and had changed Sarah's surname back to Burns. Soon after her mother died from ovarian cancer in the early 1990s (i.e. around 1992). Throughout her childhood, Sarah encountered many tough times with her father, especially when he went on his missions. She was not always aware what kind of work her father did, but she knew it was government-related. During the events of the first novel, Sarah was made aware of her father's true job, and this helped her to understand that it wasn't Sam's fault he was always away. In June 2003, she graduated from Towson High School and went on to attend Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where she was majoring in International Relations with a minor in Art History. Nearly five years later, she appears to be killed by a drunk driver while her father was away on a mission in Iceland. Sam was devastated by her apparent death, and went into a deep depression.

In Splinter Cell: Essentials, Fisher visits her grave on the anniversary of her death, and was captured by federal agents waiting for him to show up at the site.

Sarah appears in the next gen version of Double Agent. In the second training level, she appears as a hostage that Sam must rescue. Anna Grimsdóttír noticed that Sam seemed to be stressed when he saw the hostage and asked him if he was all right.

In Splinter Cell: Conviction, Grim tells Sam that Sarah was not killed by a drunk driver. Colonel Irving Lambert, USA (Ret), discovered the presence of a mole within Third Echelon who was going to use Sarah as leverage on Sam. To prevent this, Lambert faked her death, so that, although Sam would suffer, he couldn't be used by the mole. After discovering this, Sam's friend Victor Coste takes Sarah from her apartment to be reunited with Sam. Sarah tells her father that she thought he was dead, and that Grim took care of her during the ordeal of his supposed death. At the end of Conviction, Sarah and her father, Sam, move away together to "catch up".