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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dazed and Confused

Here are the list of songs from the first Dazed and Confused (film) (1993) soundtack:
Here are the list of songs from the second More Dazed and Confused (film) (1994) soundtrack:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Halloween: H2 photos

Chase Vanek as the new young Michael Myers.
Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) comes Home to Haddenfield.
Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) in the ambulance and the ER.

Here are some Halloween photos:


Genevieve Cortese

Here are some photos of Genevieve Cortese who plays Ruby on Supernatural, and Kris Furillo on Wildfire.

Elektra Natchios

Here is a photo of Elektra Natchios.

Amanda Crew

Here is a photo of Amanda Crew.

Julia Stiles photos

Kill Bill songs

Here are the list of songs from what scenes from the first movie:
  • "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" by Nancy Sinatra: Opening titles, "I was five and he was six/we rode on horses made of stick/he wore black and I wore white/he would always win the fight/bang bang" etc. Also plays when The Bride enters Hanzo's sushi shop, but only a brief riff.
  • "Music Box Dancer" by Richard Abel: Sounds like an ice cream truck; the Bride pulls up and stops in front of Vernita Green's house, checks her list, and rings the doorbell.
  • "Ironside (Excerpt)" by Quincy Jones: Commonly referred to [in the script anyway] as the Bride's "Vengeance theme," the screen turns orange as flashbacks of The Bride taking a pounding are shown. Means ass-kickery will ensue.
  • "That Certain Female" by Charlie Feathers: Cop drives through desert in car to wedding chapel; he's got sunglasses on his dashboard, wears a cowboy hat.
  • "Twisted Nerve" by Bernard Herrmann: Elle whistles as she walks from her car to The Bride's room, the same tune a strange man whistles as he walks down the hall in Twisted Nerve. Elle gets dressed into her nurse's outfit and draws red liquid into a syringe.
  • "7 Note In Nero (7 Notes In Black)" by Vince Tempera & Orchestra: The Bride kills the man who was going to rape her; begins shortly after the blackout. The Bride finds out her legs aren't working, falls flat on her face, finds a buck knife [how . . . well, not ironic, but still], and slices Buck's Achilles' Tendon.
  • "Truck Turner" by Isaac Hayes: The Bride searches the parking deck for Buck's Pussy Wagon. She finds it, checks the keys--yep, that's it.
  • "The Grand Duel, M10" by Luis Bacalov: The "Wiggle your big toe" scene.
  • "The Grand Duel (Parte Prima)" by Luis Bacalov: 1st part of the anime sequence.
  • "I Lunghi Giorni Della Vendetta" by Armando Trovaioli: O-Ren's father is killed by the Yakuza.
  • "Run Fay Run" by Isaac Hayes: Sniper O-Ren shoots a man in an entourage of limousines; he's got a beautiful woman on each arm.
  • "Bang Bang (Excerpt)" by Nancy Sinatra: The Bride enters Hanzo's sushi shop.
  • "Wound That Heals (aka Kaifu*u Suru Kizu)" by Salyu: The Bride looks over rack after rack of swords in Hanzo's attic. * = k (IMDb's censoring deletes the entire word if left uncensored)
  • "The Lonely Shepherd" by Zamfir: Hanzo inspects and gives the sword to The Bride.
  • "Armundo" by David Allen Young: The presentation of Sofie Fatale, GoGo Yubari and Johnny Mo.
  • "Yakuza Oren 1" by The RZA: O-Ren speaks to the Crime Council after decapitating Boss Tanaka.
  • "Green Hornet " by Al Hirt: The Bride arrives by plane in Tokyo, walks through the airport. Gogo drives O-Ren through town surrounded by men on motorcycles. The Bride flies through town on her yellow motorcycle.
  • "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" by Tomoyasu Hotei: The Bride speeds away at the stoplight; O-Ren and subordinates walk through House of Blue Leaves.
  • "I Walk Like Jane Mansfield" by The's: Ends as O-Ren enters.
  • "I'm Blue" by The's: Plays during the scene involving O-Ren's dart and Gogo's investigation.
  • "Woo Hoo" by The's: Long shot of The Bride walking through restaurant to bathroom, Sofie walking to bathroom, ends with The Bride hearing Sofie's ringtone.
  • "Ironside (Excerpt)" by Quincy Jones: The Bride sees Sofie in the ladies room. Vengeance theme.
  • "From Man to Man" by Ennio Morricone: The Bride calls out O-Ren Ishii. O-Ren watches The Bride slice off Sofie Fatale's arm, and the restaurant patrons exit the building as she bleeds profusely.
  • Soundeffects by Flip Sting: The Bride vs Gogo--The Bride backflips over Gogo's ball-and-chain.
  • "Crane" by The RZA: The Bride, surrounded by Crazy 88s looks at them in the reflection on her sword.
  • "I Giorni Dell'Ira (Day Of Anger)" by Riz Ortolani: The Bride removes a Crazy 88s eyeball; we switch to black-and-white.
  • "Champions Of Death" by Shuzsuko Kibushi: The Bride faces off against Johnny Mo's two swords upstairs.
  • "Super 16 (Excerpt)" by NEU!: O-Ren retreats to the garden.
  • "Police Check Point" by Harry Betts: The Bride fights Crazy 88s, flips over one's back.
  • "White Lightning" by Charles Bernstein: The Bride is cornered with a speared Crazy 88; gets an idea.
  • "Nobody But Me" by The Human Beinz: The Bride, two swords, slices off legs of Crazy 88s.
  • "Banister Fight" by The RZA: The Bride and Johnny Mo face off whilst standing on a banister. The Bride slices his legs off.
  • "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by Santa Esmeralda: O-Ren removes her shoes and her and The Bride fight; ends when The Bride's back is sliced open.
  • "The Flower Of Carnage (Shura No Hama)" by Meiko Kaji: O-Ren drops her sword; she's been scalped.
  • "Yagyu Conspiracy" by Toshiaki Tsushima: Background music of the "second reason" speech The Bride makes to Sofie Fatale while she lies in the trunk of her car.
  • "The Lonely Shepherd" by Zamfir: The Bride writes her death list on the plane/end titles.
  • "Urami Bushi" by Meiko Kaji: End titles.

Here are the list of songs from what scenes the second movie:
  • "A Silhouette Of Doom" - Ennio Morricone: Opening titles; flashback dialogue of Bill shooting The Bride in the head as she lies on the floor of the wedding chapel.
  • "Il Tramonto" - Ennio Morricone: The Bride approaches the door of the wedding chapel; finds Bill.
  • "Massacre at Two Pines Wedding Chapel" - Robert Rodriguez: The Bride lowers her veil and approaches the altar; the camera backs out the door to reveal the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad with machine guns; they enter.
  • "Dies Irae" - Nora Orlandi: Bill and Budd talk outside Budd's trailer.
  • "Ay Que Caray" - Marilu Esmeralda Aguiluz: The music played in the 'My Oh My' club as Budd enters.
  • "Dies Irae" - Nora Orlandi: Budd returns home from the strip club at night and looks to the sky and laughs.
  • "A Satisfied Mind" - Johnny Cash: The song from Budd's record player; the Bride hides underneath his trailer.
  • "Outside The Trailer" - Robert Rodriguez: Budd stops the song and looks out of the window because of a noise.
  • "A Bride Revealed" - Robert Rodriguez: The Bride unsheathes her sword and removes her ninja hood.
  • "A Fistful of Dollars" - Ennio Morricone: Budd exits his trailer after shooting the Bride, then disarms her.
  • "Calling The Hateful Bitch" - Robert Rodriguez: Budd phones Elle.
  • "Can't Hardly Stand It" - Charlie Feathers: At night, the Bride wakes up, tied up, in the back of a a pickup truck.
  • "Il Mercenario (ripresa)" - Ennio Morricone: Budd nails the Bride's coffin shut.
  • "White Lotus Mountain" - Robert Rodriguez: The Bride climbs the stairs of the Temple and finds Pai Mei.
  • "Three Tough Guys" - Isaac Hayes: Pai Mei tests the Bride's skills through battle.
  • "Invincible Pole Fighter" - Stephen Sing & So Chun Hou: The training of The Bride.
  • "L'Arena" - Ennio Morricone: The Bride uses Pai Mei's techniques to punch through her coffin and climb from her grave.
  • "The Chase" - Alan Reeves/Phil Steele/Philip Brigham: Elle driving towards Budd's trailer in her Trans-Am.
  • "Sunny Road To Salina" - Bernard Girard-Christophe: The Bride walking through the desert to Budd's trailer.
  • "Ironside (Excerpt)" - Quincy Jones: The Bride's eyes fall upon Elle and Budd. Vengeance theme.
  • "Budd Twang" - Robert Rodriguez: After having killed Budd, Elle puts the cash in her case.
  • "I Giorni Dell'Ira" (Days of Anger)" by Riz Ortolani — When Elle does a mid air kick toward the Bride with sound effects.
  • "A Silhouette Of Doom" - Ennio Morricone: After Elle and The Bride's fight; Elle unsheathes a Hanzo sword, only to find that The Bride also has one; it is revealed that Elle killed Pai Mei; they charge; ends when The Bride plucks Elle's eye out.
  • "Tu Mira (Edit)" - Lole Y Manuel: The Bride drives through Mexico to Esteban Vihaio.
  • "Summertime Killer" - Luis Bacalov: The Bride enters Bill's hacienda, gun in hand. Ends when she sees B.B.
  • "About Her" - Malcolm McLaren: The Bride leaves B.B. her necklace on B.B.'s picture of her, tucks her in, and goes to see Bill.
  • "The Demise Of Barbara, And The Return Of Joe" - Ennio Morricone: Bill takes his final steps and dies.
  • "Malagueña Salerosa" - Chingon: Cast credits.
  • "Goodnight Moon" - Shivaree: Black and white end credits.
  • "Urami Bushi" - Meiko Kaji: End credits for Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
  • "Black Mamba" - The RZA: End credits (for Vol.2 only)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Katie Cassidy

Here are some photos of Katie Cassidy:

Michael Myers comes home

Here is a photo of Michael Myers (played again by Tyler Mane) comes home to Haddenfield on Rob Zombie's Halloween remake Sequel, Halloween: H2. Michael, again will terrorizing his only sibling Laurie Strode (played again by Scout Taylor-Compton) and I can't wait until I watch this movie.


Halloween photos

Kristina Klebe, Hanna Hall, Danielle Harris, and Scout Taylor-Compton
Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) comes home to Haddenfield on Halloween: H2.
Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) in the amberlance in Halloween: H2.