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Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie Stackhouse is the main character in The Southern Vampire Mysteries, a series of eight books written by New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris that were first published in 2001.

The series is a first-person account of Sookie's life as a barmaid and telepath in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. The first book in the series, Dead Until Dark, won the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Mystery in 2001. The series has been released in Japan, Spain, Greece, Germany, France, Brazil and Great Britain and has gathered a strong following with its unique blend of mystery, humor, romance, and the supernatural.

Alan Ball, creator of the acclaimed television series Six Feet Under, is the executive producer behind True Blood, a new HBO series based on the The Southern Vampire Mysteries that is expected to premier in the fall of 2008.[1]

Sookie will be played by Academy Award-winning Canadian-born New Zealand actress Anna Paquin.[2]

Family life

When Sookie's psychic powers manifested as a child, her parents initially considered her to be mentally ill, going so far as taking her to a psychologist and "having her brain scanned every other month". However, Sookie tells of one incident when her father asked her to "listen" in on a business meeting to discern the true intentions of a potential client. She told her father the man intended to take his money and her father took her advice, indicating his unspoken belief in her psychic ability. Her parents died in a flood when she was seven years old, leaving her and her older brother Jason Stackhouse to be raised by their grandmother.
Sookie's great uncle sexually molested her and her cousin Hadley from a very early age. When Sookie told her parents of the abuse, they didn't believe her. After their death, Sookie's grandmother barred him from contacting Sookie. Her grandmother's protectiveness saved Sookie from further molestation.

Sookie lived with her grandmother well into her twenties and they had a close relationship. When her grandmother was murdered by a serial killer, it sunk Sookie into a deep depression. With the deaths of Sookie's great uncle and her cousin Hadley, Sookie and Jason are the only remaining Stackhouses.

Recently, the fact has come to light that fairy blood runs in her family. This might be part of what makes her attractive to supernatural creatures ("supes") and vampires in particular.
In the latest novel, From Dead to Worse, Sookie meets her great-grandfather, who is a powerful fairy prince. She also finds out that her friends, the fairy twins Claudine and Claude, are actually her aunt and uncle. It is also revealed that Hadley had a son, Hunter, who is now a toddler. He also possesses mind reading abilities.


Sookie's telepathic abilities manifested when she was quite young. In her hometown of Bon Temps, many people believe Sookie to be mentally unstable, while others deny the fact that she is able to read people's minds. Sookie says that people's thoughts are not formed in complete sentences, but rather in minimal words and images. She describes some people as "broadcasters", meaning that their minds are fairly easy to read. According to Sookie, both physical and eye contact make an individual's mind easier to read. The minds of humans are also easier to read, though this also varies depending on the individual. Supernatural beings are much more difficult, as Sookie usually only gets impressions and emotions unless the individual is intentionally broadcasting. Vampires are all but impossible for Sookie to read--which is partially why she begins dating vampire Bill Compton--though she does have occasional glimpses. She keeps these glimpses a secret from everyone, however, as she is convinced the vampires will kill her if they knew.

Living Situation

Sookie lives in the house left to her by her grandmother. While accidents and a fire leave the house in frequent need of repair, Sookie takes great pride in her home. She currently lives with a roommate, Amelia, and Amelia's Witch mentor, Octavia.

She supports the household by working as a barmaid at a local bar, Merlotte's, which is owned by local shifter Sam Merlotte. As well as occasionally utilizing her telepathic talents for the local group of vampires, headed by Eric Northman. Recently, she's worked with vampires even higher up in the hierarchy, including the Kings and Queens of several states. Despite her hard work, she's not particularly wealthy and often feels strained by the need to support herself, even while her pride leaves her incapable of accepting gifts from her wealthier friends.

In her free time, Sookie suntans, reads, watches television, and attends local football games. While Sookie's telepathy left her once feeling incapable of getting a post-secondary education, she considers herself to be a great dancer and loves to expand her vocabulary with her word-of-the-day-calendar.

Harris describes Sookie as a tanned, blue-eyed, and buxom blond. But although she's young, fit and good looking, Sookie didn't have too many suitors until she met the vampire Bill Compton. Being able to read her date's minds was usually a big turn-off for Sookie. And her reputation as a weirdo didn't make her very attractive either.

Now Sookie finds herself attracted to dominant men with supernatural abilities. Vampires and other "supes" are harder to read than humans, muffling the effects of her telepathy and giving Sookie a refreshing break from the constant noise of other people's thoughts.
Vampires seem specially immune to her ability. Their brains appear to be blank spaces when compared to the busy tangle of ideas that come from a human's mind.

Because of this relaxing blankness, Sookie was able to experience her first physical and emotional romantic relationship with Bill, who was turned into a vampire following the American Civil War. He introduced her to the complexities of vampire society in the United States. This led to many difficulties for Sookie but their relationship lasted several months before his infidelity with a former lover, the vampire Lorena, led Sookie to break things off.

As the series progresses, Sookie finds herself attracted to several other "supes", such as her boss and longtime friend Sam Merlotte, a true shifter who can turn into any animal he whishes. Sookie and Sam kiss several times and they've discussed the possibility of a romantic relationship, but Sookie was worried about the effect it would have on their business relationship. She also went out on a few dates with the werewolf Alcide Herveaux. In that case, his violent ex-girlfriend Debbie proved to be an obstacle to a relationship.

Some time after her break-up with Bill, Sookie was forced to care for his boss, the vampire sheriff of Area 5 Eric Northman. Eric was under a witch's curse that altered his memory and left him vulnerable and more attractive to Sookie than his ordinarily manipulative self. When he regained his memory, he also regained his deep entanglement with vampire politics, leading Sookie to break off the relationship. Eric recently revealed that he recalls all of the events that occurred while he was under the curse.

Sookie also dated the famous weretiger Quinn. However, that relationship became strained after Quinn and his sister disappeared at the end of All Together Dead. Sookie ended the relationship when she realized Quinn would always put his family (his half-sister Frannie and his deranged mother) ahead of her.


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